Parallel Computing And Its Relation With GPU

Graphic Processor Unit

Technically speaking parallel computing is using of multiple computing resources to solve a computational problem. It is also called parallel processing. So lets discuss in detail what is parallel processing and how does it work. In the initial phase a problem is broken into discrete parts that can be solved concurrently. All these are separately run multiple CPUs. Then further each part is broken down to a series of instructions. After that all the instruction from each part is executed simultaneously on different CPUs. Parallel computing is usually used in the high end computing like some tough field in science and engineering. To this question of what is parallel computing we can also say it’s example can also be seen in our mind. For example when we see any anything, our mind divides in to several components such as color, motion, shape and depth. Then it individually analyzes each one of them. It is then compared to the stored memories which help our brain to identify that particular subject. Going ahead now we can also describe the parallel computing architecture. It comprises of four main components, which are memory, control units, arithmetic & logic unit and input / output unit. …